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ITA Airways Virtual

About us


ITA Airways Virtual is a virtual airline based in Italy, founded in 2022, whose intent is to create a community and friendly environment through group flights, Discord channels, Whatsapp groups, Facebook and direct support channels. Pilots are offered the option to fly real Scheduled routes and official charters, i.e. all flights operated by ITA AIRWAYS in real life.


ITA Airways Virtual is thrilled to announce a new and extraordinary collaboration with vPilotsHub!

This partnership opens the door to an exciting adventure for all our virtual pilots. As part of this alliance, members of ITA Airways Virtual will enjoy a completely revamped flying experience, where they can build their virtual career day by day.

What does this collaboration offer?

  • Access to all real flights scheduled by ITA Airways: Now you can fly following the same routes as in the real world, earning vCash for every completed flight.

  • Type Rating based on purchases in the vPilotsHub Virtual Shop: Purchase Type Ratings to unlock new aircraft and exclusive routes.

  • Personalized monthly assignments: The system will generate a rotation of about 12 monthly legs that will be assigned to you within the first few days of the month.

  • New and exciting Tours: Discover a wide range of thematic tours updated annually, offering substantial rewards upon completion, with remunerations that can exceed 50,000 vEuro.

  • Fleet control and management: Our system ensures a regular flow of positioning and maintenance of the aircraft, guaranteeing operational efficiency.

  • vPilotsHub, with its vast network of Virtual Airlines, will allow our pilots to fly not only for ITA Airways but also for other virtual airlines in the network, accumulating flight hours and vCash in a single integrated account.

  • Completely free participation: Our community is committed to maintaining access free of charge. We do not require any form of payment, donation, nor do we sell bonus points, flight hours, or any type of subscriptions. Your adventure with us is completely free, ensuring an accessible and inclusive experience for all virtual pilots.

  • Free flight school: We also offer a completely free flight school, managed in collaboration with real pilots who operate the specific aircraft used in the courses. This approach ensures accurate and direct learning, reflecting real-world flying practices and procedures.

Prepare to take off on this new adventure! For more information and updates, visit vPilotsHub. You will also find video guides in the download section of the site that will help you in the process of installing the new Acars and navigating the site.

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